Hello World

Welcome to Gracie’s World.  Once a week we’re going to update this blog with something spectacular that our Gracie girl has done. 

This video is from when Gracie was first in our house family in 2007. She is 9 weeks old and about 3 pounds.  She was so tiny back then.

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  • Stephanie:

    ROTFL! I love how she turns from the toys to chew on the handle of the drawer – pure puppy curiosity! I wish I had video of our boy when he was that young!

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Some Hints
I think it takes a while for the videos to load... they're HD format and are pretty big files. If you click on the arrow and then immediately click the pause button. This allows the video to load. Once there is more grey line than black line, you should be able to press the play button. Enjoy.