Ava Meets People

Sunday, May 30th we went to Lake Koshkonong in Wisconsin to visit some friends.  I’d never even heard of this place until I met my husband’s friends.  They have summer places up and have been going there for 20 years.

We finally went and brought the doggies.   On the way up I noticed that Ava (in her car harness), was trying to get out of the sun as much as possible.  When we stopped, I moved her to a new spot out of the sun.  Little princess likes her sun filtered.  We weren’t sure how Ava would do, being stranger-shy.  At first, she was pretty unsure but Gracie showed her the way. Someone brought up the fact that she didn’t know what was happening.  Maybe this was another place she would be left and go to a different house.  Who’s to know?  We cut her come slack.

One of our friend’s 84 year old mom was there.  Her daughter told us she loves dogs and misses hers and Miss Betty was really drawn to Ava’s calm nature.  I put Ava on her lap and together Miss Betty and I were petting her.  When we got on their pontoon boat, Gracie (who I thought for sure would flip out on the boat but didn’t), wanted to be with me.  And Ava couldn’t be in the sun.  So, we gave Ava to Miss Betty and I held Gracie.  Ava snuggled up to Miss Betty but the sun was in her eyes, so I put my sun visor on Ava… it was cute and it shielded her.

By the time the ride ended (2 hours), Ava and Miss Betty had bonded.  Ava-roo our own little therapy dog.

Gracie had her own adventure.  After trying to avoid the water that splashed on board, her “grandpa” Chuck came on-board. Gracie could not have been happier to see him.  Chuck walked her over to their boat where she road around and then home to their house to see Jake and Katie and their doggie friend Titus.  Later, we walked over with Ava-roo to pick up Gracie and see their cozy home.

On the drive home, the doggies were out like a light.  Exhausted.   A good day.

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