Sisterhood Rising

With the loss of their dogwalker, Gracie and Ava-roo have had to spend  much more time alone.  I think being alone for 10 hours has brought them closer to sisterhood.  I’ve noticed that Ava hisses a lot less around Gracie.  I’ve noticed that Gracie seems less jealous of Ava.   Ava can have a treat without Gracie attacking.

When we take the doggies out at different times (DH does this during really cold weather so the doggies are in the cold as little as possible), the other doggie wants her sister back. Gracie paced back and forth until Ava came in.  When Gracie is being disciplined, Ava-roo sits by the door til her sister is allowed in the room (it’s a time-out).

Gracie and Ava can share the same pillow.  They don’t always, but look, here’s proof:

Like most sisters, Gracie and Ava look out for each other.  They are take time to play with each other, get annoyed at each other and are happy to see each other.  I think about the first week we had Ava and just said to myself, “what did we do?”  We wanted Gracie to have a companion who would help her get through the long days without us.  That first week, I truly did not think we would ever get to this day.  It’s not a perfect relationship, but they seem to care about each other (if doggies can have that emotion).  Each day brings little victories!

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