Gracie deals with her grief…

So at this time – I was working from home for two truly wonderful companies. This was such a blessing as it gave me the opportunity to take care of Avaroo while she was sick, and after Ava’s passing – it gave me an opportunity to help take care of Gracie.

Gracie truly missed Avaroo. Moribound. Just plain sad. Nobody at home to bark at, to share news of yard intruders with.

So for much of this time – she became my work buddy – by my side on a chair adjacent to my desk. She had her dog pillow, I had my chair. At the time I was working with a fine gentleman named Phil who also worked out of his house – his loving dog Cheyanne at his feet while he worked.

To make a long story short – Gracie still missed Avaroo, and making things worse – she had a couple of physical problems with her back which brought her pain. Thanks to the trusty dog at the Vet’s office – she worked thru this injury and the pain with some good drugs.

By April – it was clear that we had a void, and we started to look – not really too serious at first, but this got serious quite quickly as we started to look. We knew that once a suitable rescue dog is found – that you have to strike quick to make a decision on that dog. So we looked, and we went to a few adoption events.

We looked really at two – one was a cute little Papillon. We liked her, but she and Gracie just didn’t have the chemistry. We looked at another, Cupcake – who was listed as a Shih-Tzu. Shih-Tzu, she was anything but one. A cute little scruffy dog that got along with Gracie from the start.

I gave Cupcake the same test I gave Avaroo years before – I picked her up, and cradled her in my arms – feet up. This was, I think, a mistake. That little dog acted just like Avaroo did – docile, fully submissive. But Cupcake took it a step further – it was as if a forever bond between she and I had been formed. It’s as if she sees me as the one that rescued her (which we did in fact do), but she wants to spend every moment of the day with me.

So – we’re back to two dogs and our happy little dog family again. More stories and pictures to follow.

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