Persnickety Puppy?

Ever have a moment when you just don’t want something in front of you?  A get-rid-of-it-moment?  Even dogs do… at least our dog.

When Gracie looks at me with those puppy dog eyes and wants something delicious to eat… I remind her that her uber-delicious kibble is just around the corner.  Then, I’ll bring the bowl in and let her eat.  I think she likes to eat in the same room we’re in.  She’s a very social dog and might miss something really important if she has to eat in the vestibule three feet away

When she’s done or not hungry or doesn’t want to have kibble around, she nudges the bowl over… slowly but surely.  I finally was able to capture it on video… 

At first,  Gracie takes the kibble out like she’s eating it, but puts the kibble on the ground.  Then she covers the dish so she doesn’t have to see it. 

Not happy with just covering the dish, Gracie must prove her displeasure with said kibble…


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Some Hints
I think it takes a while for the videos to load... they're HD format and are pretty big files. If you click on the arrow and then immediately click the pause button. This allows the video to load. Once there is more grey line than black line, you should be able to press the play button. Enjoy.