Life’s about to change

Dear Gracie:  I didn’t know I could love a dog.  Then I met you.  There was a great debate in the newspaper about this: do dogs have the ability to love?  I don’t think so.  They’d be just as happy with someone else who met their needs — it might take a while, but they can transfer their allegiance.  But as a human, I have the ability to love my dog and that is what matters.

Well, sweet Gracie who taught me compassion, things are about to change!!  Ava is coming to our house today to make you a sister.  Our family is increasing.  It doesn’t mean I love you less.  Really, it means I love you enough to see that you might need companionship.  That I realized that leaving you home alone — even with a dog walker — isn’t fair to you.  That mommy and daddy can’t play with you all the time.

Sister Ava won’t play with you right away, Gracie.  We’re going to have a few hard weeks ahead of us.  But, Grace Hopper, I really truly think this is the best thing for our little family.


Sharon/mommy/the lady with the food on her hands

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