Day 2

Here are some updates on Gracie and Ava.  They sort of speak for themselves.

Mmmm, rawhide.  Every night at 7 p.m., just about when we’re eating dinner, Gracie gets a dingo rawhide.  I think eating them has helped keep her teeth healthy.  Would Ava like one?  Would Gracie let Ava eat her Dingo?  One of Ava’s issues is that her first family would take food out of her mouth as she was eating.   At first Gracie wanted the Dingo Ava was getting (Ava actually didn’t get the Dingo at this point, I didn’t give it to her until Gracie was enjoying her Dingo.)

Once Ava got her Dingo, her back was to Gracie and she gave great attention to that bone.  She isn’t as quick as Gracie, but she did a good job on it.    Gracie girl is enjoying a big girl rawhide in this movie.

These pictures sort of explain how most of our day went.  Peaceful truce.

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Some Hints
I think it takes a while for the videos to load... they're HD format and are pretty big files. If you click on the arrow and then immediately click the pause button. This allows the video to load. Once there is more grey line than black line, you should be able to press the play button. Enjoy.