Grace Murray Hopper

My name is Grace Murray Hopper, but they call me Gracie.  I am a Bichitzadoodle©, or, half bichon frise, 1/4 shih tzu,and 1/4 poodle.  My mom says that I am the best of all breeds.  I just have to say, “yeah.”  Some people call Gracie a Daisy Dog.  Maybe, but we think Bichitzadoodle© is much more fun.

Gracie is named Grace Murray Hopper after the Navy admiral of the same name.  Admiral Hopper did some sort of computer thing called COBOL and programmed computers.  It’s a  computer thing and when we were getting Gracie this was our compromise. I didn’t want Hortense and Dave didn’t want Lulu.  We went with Admiral Hopper… which is sometimes how we refer to Gracie when we don’t want to say her name.


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